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Wild Animal Ornaments

Paloma Pottery

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For the farmer, gardener or animal lover. A charm for the tree, car or home...
Wild Animal Ornaments:
- 1.5" long waxed cotton cord
- Stamped with our commemorative hallmark
Wise wanderer of the ocean, our Whale ornament is a cheerful and powerful symbol. A favorite among coastal dwellers, this piece is a rich royal blue, with distinct tail shape in clay.
- 2" tall x 3" wide
Playful, intelligent - The Dolphin ornament is a wonderful tribute to these remarkable creatures. Shimmering blues and a pale glass center, smooth to the touch and strong enough to last for generations.
- 3.25" long x 1.75" tall
White Elephant
The majestic Elephant, in delightful form...sweet elephant shape is coated with white and adorned with crushed recycled glass, melted and fused into each ornament. Features ivory-toned clay base and a shimmering crackle glass pool - sure to reflect the Christmas lights with sparkle!
- 2.25" tall x 1.25" wide
Baby Blue Goose
Adorable goose ornament in deep royal blue. A wonderful tribute to the classic homestead companion.
- 4" tall x 2.25" wide
The harbinger of spring, joy and hope. The elegant Hummingbird ornament is sure to bring a smile. Bright amber and greens sparkle in a warm clay base with the promise of warmer days to come.
- 3" x 2.75"
Looking for a touch of both joy & elegance? Our delightful Penguin ornament seems to waddle in mid-step. Jade and blue glass pieces shimmer beneath a smooth surface.
- 4.5" tall x 2.5" wide
Polar Bear
Lined in lovely white, snow dusted sparkle.
- 3.25" tall x 3.75" wide
Sea Turtle
The ancient Sea Turtle, illuminated in shimmering recycled glass. This piece holds a rich array of color, from sea green to blue and pale whites. Wonderful for kids and adults alike.
- 4" tall x 3.75" wide
The Shark is not so scary when displayed in delightful glass and clay. A sharp border outlines the glimmering glass surface.
- 2.5" tall x 3.75" wide

You may notice, we love to offer variety. Throughout our gift line, you'll find animal shaped gifts that are great for kids or teacher gifts - bookmarks, tie tack pins, magnets and more. Fun and easy gifts for young and old.

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Snowy White
Written by Tina

Very pretty white glass. It shines in the tree with my white lights. Looks just like the photo.

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