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Star Necklace Pendants

Paloma Pottery

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Small and lightweight, suitable for any star lover both young and old. Sky Blue and Tropical Water are the most popular colors for our star jewelry. They are the brightest colors we carry, which makes them stand out and twinkle in the light. Sold alone or strung on your choice of handmade necklace cord.

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Your choice of handmade necklace cords:
- Thin black rubber cord with clasp 18" length.
- Thick platinum rubber cord with clasp 18" length.
- Adjustable cotton cord 32" length to choker. Made for people with allergies. No metal find

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Gorgeous Necklace
Written by Thoughts and Ideas

I ordered a necklace for my mother from Paloma Pottery. Shipping was fast and the contents arrived safely. The necklace is gorgeous and I know she'll love it. I was delighted to see a free magnet with the same beautiful recycled glass. However, the cord that the necklace is on is less than satisfactory--kind of flimsy for the weight of the pendant. I'm going to pick up a different cord to go with the necklace before giving it as a gift. Otherwise, it's just what I was expecting. I did find it odd that for such an environmentally friendly product, the packing material consisted of plastic wrap and styrofoam peanuts. I've seen more eco-friendly packaging with recycled materials that are just as secure as styrofoam, so this would be something I'd like to see in the future from Paloma Pottery. Thanks!

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