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Soap Dish Bath Raised Center

Paloma Pottery

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This robust piece raises the soap to keep it dry while protecting countertops and basins, perfect for grand or sweeping spaces - or to create a feeling of elegance. Our firing process leaves a shimmering glaze and unique glass finish. The result is a semi-porous surface which slowly absorbs excess water, while leaving surfaces clean and dry.

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Raised Soap Dish
Written by Dennis Richards, J & D Soap Company

I wanted a soap dish that was unique and visually appealing. I didn't want a mass produced piece of boring junk which is often found in the mega-marts. I knew this was going to lead me to the cottage industry of artisans and that it would cost a little more. Low and behold I stumbled upon Paloma and was pleased to find a selection of beautiful soap dishes from which to choose. Many dishes don't allow for the soap to drain properly, Paloma offers a design which takes this into account. The price for these dishes is MORE than reasonable. All this coupled with prompt service made my experience absolutely painless. Recycled glass is icing on the cake. Stunning, handcrafted products and earth conscious to boot. Do yourself a favor and add some unique, personal touches to your life. Paloma is well worth it.

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