paloma pottery nicole


Our signature crackle glass design creates pools of depth and color, and each combination of glaze and glass evokes a unique feeling. 

Glass Pottery Colors:
Ocean - Tropical Water, Sky Blue, Sunset, Amethyst Crystal
Earth - Burnt Wheat, Deep Amber, Cappuccino Brown, Forest Green
Blanco - Mid-century White, Dorado, Cafe, Verde

Crushed discarded glass is melted and set inside a clay pottery base. The result is stunning - a pool of radiant light cradled in an earthy showpiece. In an increasingly technological world, there is great satisfaction in the simplicity of these products. Clay from the earth, crushed recycled glass, reflected light and color. Hands lovingly creating artisan masterpieces. The diverse Paloma line brings beauty, ease and functionality to daily life. It is a delight to the senses, just exploring the possibilities.

From the very start, we strive to effortlessly guide you through our dazzling array of recycled glass products. Explore the possibilities of each color we offer by following the links above. From the purely delightful to the highly functional, you'll find our unique, handmade creations, in fun novelty shapes, one-of-a-kind jewelry and elegant home decor products - each is a rare beauty. A pleasant 20 minute browse can yield the perfect treasure for anyone on your shopping list. Even with this convenience, the results will look like carefully chosen rarities from a local holiday fair.

recycled glass products color chart