paloma pottery nicole

unique glass tropical color

Oh, to be a mermaid or Poseidon, King of the Sea… when you are enchanted by the ocean and all her splendors, nothing brings you greater joy than the tropical and the nautical.

Paloma Pottery has just the color line for you. The Tropical Water series of blues, aqua, greens with white accents is beloved by sailors, fishers, surfers, and seaside vacationers of all ages. Some choose the cooling sensation of pale blue in a bathroom fit for a queen. Recycled glass Soap Dishes are stunning and add a sparkling brightness to the day.

Some customers love the peaceful tranquility of blue/green in the kitchen where entertaining is a calm and rebalancing experience. These unique glass tropical kitchen colors can be sprinkled throughout a sturdy, functional kitchen to bring just a bit of light to a utilitarian space; gorgeous set against natural wood finishes, in oak or pine.

If you want to bring the whimsy of the sea into your home, this Tropical Decor shines… Take an adventure through the seas of creative green products.