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The age of 18, in our culture, is synonymous with maturity - rights, privileges, responsibilities. When you get to 18, you have options. You’ve come far enough and paid your dues and now you’ve arrived. Well, Paloma Pottery turns 18 this month! A millennial baby, Paloma started right at the turn of the new century, with a new idea about how to meld and shape the natural elements of this world into something of great beauty.

Now, at 18, new doors seem to be opening… Our impact in the world is finding new places to take hold and a new horizon is upon us. Stay tuned for updates in the year ahead as we find more uses for glass pottery

For now, we want to take a moment to say Thank You! Our base of both new and long-standing customers has become diverse and far-reaching. If you are one who has been with Paloma for more than five years, we have a special thank you.

Send us an email with your birthday month (along with date of purchase) and we will send you back a coupon for 75% off a purchase up to $50 for your month. That means you can have that luscious new fruit bowl or accent table you’ve been thinking about… all our unique pottery at an even more-affordable price at your birthday.

Like the graduate who looks back and gives a humble nod of appreciation to all of those who brought her where she is today - Paloma Pottery looks back to see all of you fine people and businesses who have truly made us who we are. Our sincerest gratitudes! Contact us online and enter promo code: GRADUATE18 in the subject of your email. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Family is not always blood, and I'm blessed to have both. Here's a video from my family vacation to London that my niece created. Fun memories for all! Nicole Whitney, Owner.