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a moody living room with unique decor

Moving into a new home is the perfect opportunity to create a space you've always dreamed of. A home that will reflect your personality is just a couple of steps away. All you need to do is carefully pick the colors, patterns, and pieces you want to include in your home. When you make a plan this way, you will end up with a home that has both character and style at the same time. Once you combine all of these ideas on how to add personality to your new home, the final result will be fantastic.

Create a plan for how you'll add personality to your new home

Before you move into your new home, spend some time envisioning how you want it to look. When you create a plan first, you don't risk having a cluttered home that lacks functionality and style. You can always purchase furniture and decor when you see something you like. However, doing so may result in mismatched pieces that aren't cohesive. Picture the color scheme and style you want to see in your home. Start by picking out the wall color and furniture pieces. Because decor is the easiest to change, it should be chosen last.

You can move the furniture you already have and see how it fits in your new space. If you are unsure about which furniture and decor pieces you'd like to keep, put them in storage. You can relocate just the things you are certain will work in the space for now. The benefit of renting storage is that it simplifies the process of moving in. Choose a Washington company that will handle both your moving and storage needs. This will greatly help with settling in when moving into a new home. You'll have all of your items with you without them taking up space. This will give you enough time and space to create the perfect home.

a dining room with a gorgeous chandelier

Add personality to your new home with textures and lighting

Add personality through linens and patterns

One of the ways to add personality to your new home is by adding different linens. This small upgrade can add character to any home. In addition to this, it can make your home feel warmer and cozier. With lots of linens, you can add texture and a little bit of color. Rugs and carpets are a great addition to any room. They will have a significant effect on the overall feel of the room. You can even layer a rug over a carpet for some more texture. Besides these, another great addition is a nice set of drapes. It is recommended to choose drapes that will match the carpet so that they can tie the whole room together.

As for the bedroom, you can add style and character with linens here, too. The main thing you will need is a nice set of bed linens. This will be the first thing to catch the eye of anyone who walks in. With decorative pillows, you will transform your bedroom into a place that reflects your personality. Another way to add personality and texture is with wooden decor pieces. If you have a fireplace, a stack of firewood can make the room feel cozier.

add personality to your new home with wall decor such as this

Carefully choose décor so it matches the rest of the home

Choose flooring and wall paint carefully

Painting the walls in a color of your choice can be an excellent way to add personality. But this isn't the only way to achieve this. There are many ways you can change the walls in your new home to add personality. An overlooked, but great way to do so is to add paneling on at least one wall. Just adding paneling to one wall can transform the way the entire room feels. Instead of painting the walls, you can add colored paneling. Plus, paneling will add more texture and make the room feel cozier. Wallpaper is another great option when it comes to adding personality to a room. It's back in style, and with so many options out there, you'll easily find the wallpaper that will reflect your personality.

As for the flooring, it can heavily influence the overall look of the room. So, before you make a final decision, think about the look you want to create. The classic option that can work anywhere is hardwood flooring. Combined with a carpet or a rug, it can look perfect. Dark wooden floors and a bright carpet can create a nice contrast. When choosing the floor, try not to focus on trends as much. Flooring is something that is changed after many years, so it's important to pick something timeless. If you ever wish to change the style of your home, this will make it easy to do so.

a bedroom decorated with paneling and wall art

Colors and patterns are the easiest way to add personality

Add statement lighting and decor

If you are looking to add personality through functional decor, statement lighting is the best option for you. A good statement light will catch the eye of anyone who walks in the room. In the living room, a chandelier is the classic statement light you can't go wrong with. For a unique look, you can add a neon sign with a quote that inspires you. You can mix and match different statement light styles to truly add character to the room.

Moving into a new home means having a chance to rethink the decor. When you combine wall art with paneling or wallpaper, you get a room with character. You can add simple framed photos or paintings. To really make your new home feel like yours , add framed family photos. Add a nice scent to your home with scented sticks or some candles. This is something that can elevate the feel of any room. Another decor option that can work with any style is greenery. You can never go wrong with a couple of potted plants, so add them to accentuate the style of your home.

In summary

With all of this advice combined, you will create a home that is truly yours. It will reflect who you are without creating clutter. All the essential pieces in your home will match to create a space you will love spending time in. Once you pick the flooring and the way your walls will look, everything else will fall into place. You'll know which pieces to bring with you and which you want to replace. Choosing furniture and decor will be easy, and you'll soon add personality to your new home.