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Gifts for Wine Lovers

Many a great blessing says that we drink not to fill emptiness, but to celebrate fullness. Those moments that call for a toast, a raising of the glass, indeed can be some of our fullest and most memorable. A wedding, a friend’s accomplishment, a colleague’s retirement, even just the joy of gathering with those we love at the holidays.

This kind of joie de vivre has a place in everyone’s life. Whether that glass is filled with sparkling cider or juice or fine wine, the spirit of savoring what life brings, in the company of others, is one of the greatest gifts of being human. “To you!”, “To this moment!”, “To Love!”: These expressions stay with us and carry us through the other days of work and rhythmic tending to all we’ve created. These are the high points.

wine gifts

A wine present gives an anticipated hint to sharing these kinds of moments together. It almost says, “Look forward to celebrating a rare moment with you!”. These gifts for wine lovers are like the promise of being there to share in the fulfillment of this current cycle, together.

Paloma Pottery can help bring that joie de vivre to your next gift-giving - whether for a dear friend, a co-worker or a neighbor. The beauty of their wine stoppers is that they translate as meaningful and also professional gifts, accordingly. With a dazzling swirl of crackled glass color atop a flat surface, your friends will recognize right away this is no ordinary wine stopper. This says Celebration! Premium grade cork is recessed into the pottery base for a sturdy kitchen tool that lasts. They are available in a range of colors to fit gifts for men, gifts for lovers, gifts for neighbors and more. You’ll be surprised at how evocative these toppers are, when chosen for the ideal color to fit the relationship. To life!