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White couch with blue accent pillows

It's all about paying attention to detail when putting those final touches on your home's decor. Accent pieces provide uniqueness to your décor and showcase your personality and style. Furthermore, any accent item deserving of the title goes beyond plain practicality. Above all other reasons, you will use accent pieces for their high ornamental value. You may not even have a functional or practical need for it. But, like an accent color, it draws the eye and creates a little excitement. It brings color, texture, or drama to a room's decor. However, you may be wondering how you could use accent pieces in your home decor the right way. As a result, we compiled a guide of clever tips on how to accentuate your interior space like a pro.

Roll out a rug

A textured accent rug adds character to a plain living room or bedroom floor. Different textures provide a static space with an impression of movement and excitement. However, if done wrongly, patterns soon become a subconscious distraction while attempting to concentrate or relax. Therefore, rugs are excellent for introducing a vibration into your space without making it visually overpowering. For instance, choose a rug contrasting with the floor color and furniture design to get the desired effect. Also, position the furnishings on the area rug to create a more classical living room. For a more modern look, remove furniture from it and place it in the center of the room or a clear corner if possible.

Light some candles

For many years, candles have been used as a decorative component in home decor and are still popular today. They are not just attractive to look at but also mood-setters, making the room feel warm and welcoming. Not to mention that they can make the room smell beautiful with your preferred perfume. However, many people don't know that candles can also be the accent piece of a room. For example, you can use pillar candles in various colors and heights on a coffee table. Also, candles in ornamental glasses or containers that match your cushions and sofa are a great idea. Smaller candles in different shapes, like squares, spheres, and stars, can add character to your room.

Another use for candles in your home decor is in the bathroom. It's another way to make the most of your candles since they're not just a beautiful component in this area but also functional. Nothing beats soaking in a bubble bath with a few candles around the tub to make it feel warm and cozy.

Candles are a great way to use accent pieces in your home decor.

Three lit candles on a smooth surface

Have fun with art

Art is the ideal way to show off your distinct stylistic preferences. The right piece of art can be the finishing touch in the living room or bedroom. Yet, some designers find that wall art works well in the kitchen or bathroom just as well. Furthermore, whether you want to display a fine art painting or something with a modern twist, many pieces can help you make each room unique. You do not even need to restrict yourself to wall paintings. For a more distinctive touch, use tapestries, decals, or sculptures.

Bring in some chairs

Nothing beats functional accent pieces that you can use in your home decor. As a result, you could use chairs to add style to a space. Accent chairs should add splashes of color to the room to contrast with the predominant design and complement other accent items. Pick chairs with dramatic, eye-catching features or patterns that clash with the style and fabric of your main couch. In addition, place cushions in the same accent colors as the sofa to help your chairs feel well-placed.

At the same time, chairs can be a different style than the rest of your furniture to create even more contrast. We all know that combining two very distinct designs can have incredible results. So, if the rest of your furniture is classic, consider adding a contemporary chair or vice versa.

A chair can be the splash of color your living room was missing.

Yellow chair in a white and black room

Make a statement with a mirror

A lovely mirror significantly increases the size of your room and serves as a visual focal point at eye level. In addition, mirrors are magical, providing extra light and an artistic aspect to any area. However, we often use large mirrors but overlook the little ones that can offer so much charm to a wall or bookcase. When choosing a mirror, the shape is essential, as you might wish for it to reflect the objects in your space. For example, if you have a round coffee table, you could add a round mirror to the wall. It will attract all the attention and become the centerpiece of the room.

However, if you need to change homes or intend to renovate your place, take care of fragile items such as mirrors when you pack them for storage. Don't forget to pack your breakables carefully using proper packing materials. While storing fragile valuables, you can use cushions and ask for help when carrying heavier fragile items.

Accessorize with pillows

Accent pillows can provide color and texture to your bed, chairs, and sofas. Pillows are also a great place to start for beginning decorators since they are affordable and easy to reuse or remove as your style changes. However, pick your accent colors with care and stick to the palette to achieve the desired results. Play with texture rather than hues for variation, and integrate pillows in different fabrics and tones of the accent color.

Pillows are small details that can change a room's look.

Throw pillows placed on a sofa.

Let the table be the star

Tables are another way to use accent pieces in your home decor. Accent tables can add appeal to a space without overtaking the rest of the design. However, you need to consider the table's size and purpose and how it will fit in with your furnishings. For example, a small table that is solely aesthetic, as opposed to chairs and other functional items, is nonetheless a great addition to a small room. Therefore, choose an accent table based on how it contrasts with other objects. It can have a metallic component that complements warm wood or a tiled tabletop that works beautifully with richly patterned couches.

In a dining room, the dining table should be the accent piece. Therefore, look for a table that sticks out due to its finish, material, or color. Dining tables come in many designs and sizes, so choose the one that appeals to you and complements your dining chairs and other objects in the room.

Use layering in your design

Many interior designers use layering to give appeal and depth to a room. To grasp the notion of layering better, think of the room as being a cake. Start decorating it by placing the main feature item first, then build from there with color and texture in mind to complete the design. Also, use the tips we gave you on how to use accent pieces in your home decor, and you will have the perfect layout in every room of your house. Moreover, once you design your home in your desired style, you will give it a bit of personality and uniqueness.