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Made in America Gifts Under $20 Best Cheap Holiday Gifts

Paloma Pottery began at the turn of the millennium, as a home based artisan business - transforming broken glass and ceramics into stunning works of art. Based on the Salish Sea of northwest Washington, our designs and concepts are borne of the stunning beauty of the land and sea surrounding. A love for the environment and a drive to protect and honor it have always been driving forces and guiding principles.

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Over 15 years later, and we're excited for the new that seems to be welling up around us all. Buy recycled was a focus and now we're seeing a surge of pride in products made in the USA and by local businesses that care. This new direction is welcomed and yet as we settle in to the newness, we also have to say goodbye to our idea of how we thought it would be. We love that we can offer a large selection of made in America gifts under 20 - where you'll find inspiring decorations for the home and garden to bejewel your world. To dream is to co-create. So we can only do our parts. Only open hands can welcome and receive. How often have I held so tightly to a vision, only to find as I relax into allowing, that an entirely different but ideal version appears? May we embrace it all, gracefully choosing, holding and releasing, in ideal rhythms all the time.

‏What happens when we relax into allowing our efforts to work when we are done? So often, we seem to feel that we have to go, go, go. Yet, we forget that momentum is its own force. These days, people can get so lost in their own schedules and to-do lists… How can we remember that all we do plays into a larger action of the world around us? Each new year and anniversary that passes, we have a chance to reset ourselves and focus on the bigger picture.

‏I contemplate often on this balance between generating energy in an endeavor, and allowing that energy to carry outward - with no effort on our part. We are capable of so much, as humans. It can be rejuvenating to see our efforts manifest in form. Thrilling to see results. Yet, there is another side to this that can so often be forgotten. The ripple effect.

‏This idea was popular a while back: “A butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can set off a hurricane in another”. How did we lose sight of this? Our impacts reach so far now, and the internet reveals the hurricane back to the butterfly within seconds. Or, does it? Maybe we have to remember the other currents which carry our thoughts, efforts, intentions and actions outward. We cannot see it all. And that is a very beautiful thing. Sometimes, small reminders can help us see this beauty. Tokens of love and other symbolic gifts are great ways to be reminded.

When you're trying to find the perfect anniversary present for that special someone, our  eco gifts could be the answer! With Paloma Pottery, you'll find the best possible options including rings, necklaces, pendant gems, or earrings! Our handcrafted materials are the key to our beautiful pieces. Using special gems and recycled products, we create customized and unique pieces. Browse our online site today to view a complete list of the products we offer.