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Unique Pottery Candy Bowls, Celebrating Grandma

Let’s take a moment to talk about Grandma. Now, if you’re lucky, you had a wonderful, kind, sweet, bold, sassy, remarkable, gentle, talented and/or funny Grandma. Stories about grandmothers seem to portray these larger-than-life personalities. They are exquisitely present and giving. Or, they are exquisitely brave, daring and trail-blazing, as none of us can imagine today.

Grandma, Nanna, Oma, Meme, Yaya, Babushka... so many names, depending on where your family comes from. Every one of those evokes a warm and admirable feeling for me. There is one item that so often brings up the feeling of Grandma - the candy bowl. Many kids (even adults) have positive associations of going to see Grandma and wondering what awaits in her candy bowl. Even the symbol itself is a testament to grandmothers. “When you come to me, sweetness there will be!”. has a special this month on unique pottery gifts. Customers can choose from 7 color options in their Candy Bowl line to accent any decor. Amethyst, Wheat, Sunset, Blanco White and more... These sweet dishes feature a flat rim of recycled shimmering glass under a smooth finish - sure to draw in big or little hands. Buy one Candy Bowl during the month of November and get the second at 50% off. You could give one to each Grandma!

Maybe you have a Grandma-to-be in your midst, or an overjoyed new grandmother who just can’t say enough about the grandkids. Imagine a sparkling new candy bowl, filled with your family’s favorites as a holiday gift. Well, Paloma Pottery is making it easy to carry on the tradition of delight at visiting Grandma/Nanna/Oma/Meme/Yaya/Babushka, and all the wonderful names she goes by. Just type in coupon code “grandmother” in your order to receive the discount.