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Unique Candleholders & Home Accents

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and suddenly been inspired by this innovative decorating idea you’d never considered? We all adorn our space, one way or another. Sometimes, though, we encounter an expression of living that opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Ah yes, we could rise to that level of festivity! Or, that is so charming, it transforms the space!

Well, these unique candleholders from Paloma Pottery are just these kinds of pieces. Sure, most people have a candle here and there. But to see them set in front of a circular backing of crushed glass that refracts the light of the candle like a firecracker... that is something! For a relatively small piece, these holders have a huge impact on a room. They are available in large or small sizes too, so you can adjust to use in a bedroom or a main entry.

With a spiral of crackle-glass in deep browns and greens or shimmering blues and purples, they make a remarkable addition to rooms with a masculine or feminine tone. Sometimes it is novelty alone that shows us a whole new way. The Sconce Candleholder feature fire and light the way it truly is meant to be. With a showpiece placed vertically by a copper wire hanger, the full beauty cannot be missed. A sturdy cup of pottery cradles candles from votive and tea light.

If you are looking for an inspiring gift - one that brings a touch of novelty and innovation to the way we do things in our homes, then has you covered. Even if this was the only showpiece in a home, it would speak multitudes. Whether for the minimalist or the accomplished decorator - this is the one piece that is sure to ignite the spark of inspiration!