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Symbolic Gifts for Dads, Grads and Teachers

It’s amazing how much greatness can fit into small things! True, technology has gotten smaller, more condensed. But here, I am talking about that special way we cherish something smooth and tactile that fits in our hand or even in our pockets. Those tokens of meaning that carry such power for each of us. It is a feeling like being accompanied, in a private way. Like knowing someone loves us, and we can just grab hold and be quietly reassured.


The children’s book, “Everyone Needs a Rock” outlines all the precise ways to select a rock to carry with you at all times. This is the spirit I am considering today. Only, I know it is not just children who relish in this sensation. For a while, worry stones had a fad-type fame. We want to hold something that speaks to our best qualities, our beloved connections. This urge is universal. The little things. proudly features these little things in vast array of styles and colors. If you’re thinking of a special totem image for a keychain, or a pendant, or just something to carry in our pockets as a reminder - Paloma Pottery is the place.

When we know someone truly well, we can instantly recognize the symbolic gifts that evokes just this feeling for them. Give it a try! For a teacher gift for one who loves theatre, the Star Necklace will be the winning symbol. For the man who loves to cook, a chili pepper keychain is an ideal small gift. The avid reader will absolutely delight at the turtle shaped, blue sparkling Bookmark Clip (a great gift for him or her!).

Take a pleasant stroll through the pages of for a joyful reminder of the beauty of the little things!