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Sustainable Business Practices – Using Recycled Packaging

Recycling paper and buying recycled products is strongly recommended by the EPA and the environmental community at large. Paper packaging alone creates major destruction in the forests, and each year 32% of the US domestic waste stream consists of containers and packaging. The Southern area of the US produces nearly 25% of the world’s paper, and paper packaging is the number one paper product produced in this region. All that destruction to produce packaging that often has a short life and limited use.

It seems just as easy to reuse packaging materials as it is to purchase new. Since Jan 2000 when Paloma Pottery was born, over 90% of packaging materials used have been collected from local business and the like. Using new boxes made from recycled post consumer waste when necessary and all recycled packaging materials wherever possible keeps Paloma Pottery from producing more waste than necessary. Junk mail can be reused with in house printing. Even envelops included in junk mailings can also be reused – using the left over pieces of mailing labels to easily cover and label for new use.