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The Subtleties of Adventure and Synchronicity

Ok, many are heading out for their summer adventures now, and lots of heads are bowed over to read a GPS, or focusing on spoken directions from within the car as they drive. Recalculating…

I'm going to get on a soap box here - to advocate for some old-fashioned human co-navigation skills. Yes, GPS is a remarkable tool. It absolutely saves time and frustration and makes many, many tasks smoother.

Yet, experts are saying that we are losing our core navigational skills as our reliance on technology to guide us increases. What's the loss? I will suggest that we might actually grow insecure and we lose faith in our own ability to find that address for the potluck on our own. Beyond that, we experience a growing isolation.

I strongly encourage reviving the simply human exchange of asking for directions. This isn't some gendered thing, where men show they are too proud and would rather get lost. I'm talking about all of us.

I have this special affection for pulling over to roll down my window, smile disarmingly, and ask someone to point me toward a street or area of a city. What I love is the way this person lights up to be a momentary expert and savior for the lost. We all need help sometimes. This moment just reminds us of how we really do need each other.

Beyond that, I believe there is a special brain skill - mirror neurons, perhaps - that activate when we are listening to someone describe how they see the world, and doing our best to see it too. We share a moment, co-imagining something that one has seen and another strives to see. It is uniquely bonding. It nourishes us for just a moment to remember our connectedness.

This travel season, give it a try and see how it impacts you and your trip. Venture gently knocking on the door to someone else's world, revealing your uncertainty, trusting and imagining a path together. Small things to bring life and context to the meaning of Adventure and Synchronicity.