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Smallness in the Big Ordeal with Star-Gazing and Remembering

The way we shift our focus changes so much. I’ve been reading the book, “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss. It’s not what I expected (as it came recommended as a business book). It is something more. It gives a quick cross-reference of how great people have achieved remarkable things…

The one I am paying attention to now is how many say they respond to overwhelm by remembering they are part of something larger. They respond to frustration and this particular stress by getting out and making sure they feel small - in nature in particular. City folks talk about star-gazing, those with access to nature talk about the trails or the mountains.

I find this especially relevant for the holidays… the details! When we narrow our focus in on the details, we can find a sense of quick satisfaction of accomplishment - groceries and meal prepared! Invitations sent! Gifts wrapped and delivered! Living room clean! There is absolutely a pace and a bustle for many.

star ornament

But, most of us know, when we operate on this level for too long, life becomes a rapid-paced blur. What was that season like? What happened?

Though it may be more challenging, amidst such pressures to do so, I think it’s especially important to find these moments to remember how small we are at the holidays. To achieve the release - of remembering we are part of a far, far greater movement of seasons, natural rhythms, planets and time. One “Mentor” talks about the precision with which we know when the moon will rise! How grand this is, and how . . . to bring it home, insignificant the level of cleanliness of the living room really is.

I know some will naturally find this in their religious practices over the holiday. Whatever calls to you as a reminder of the greater - of which we are all a part - my holiday wish is that you find yourself comfortable nestled into its larger embrace this year.