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“See Homes Everywhere”: Paloma Pottery Announces Year-Long Awareness Raising Campaign

This year, Paloma Pottery celebrated its 18th birthday. As with many young adults, new to the larger world around them, the call to see beyond oneself and the drive to make an impact steadily rises…

Well, with these underlying drives, owner and founder Nicole Whitney proudly announces a higher mission for the already sustainable, socially-conscious business. “I launched a parallel career in real estate in 2014, and slowly became aware of the profound impact of homelessness in so many places around the country”, Whitney says. “I just decided it was time to do something about it”.

So, on the heels of the nationwide Point in Time Count, a citizen’s effort to gather a tally of the homeless populations, which allows for allocation of government funding, Paloma Pottery launches “See Homes Everywhere”. Whitney continues, “I became really captivated by the work of Rex Holborn in his Facing Homelessness project. Almost daily, I was taking in these images and stories.”

The Campaign has four distinct phases, one for each season of the upcoming 2018 year:

Winter / Homelessness: an exploration of the ways people make homes when they can’t afford one. Look for a visual dialog about an aspect of society we so often, yet also rarely, see.

Spring / Remodeling & Aging in Place: a discovery on the ways Baby Boomers are changing design trends in order to “age in place” and achieve more vibrant, later-in-life, options.

Summer / Tiny Homes: a reveling in the tiny house movement, which is slowly shaping a cultural response to rising demands for affordable housing. Look forward to a discovery of the many styles and approaches to living small, while living well.

Fall / Earth As Home: bringing our campaign back to the original home, Mother Earth. Learn about the ways we care or don’t care, for our most basic home. Featuring the novel design of both humans and animals who call this planet Home.

glass fire pottery home

“See Homes Everywhere” will draw awareness to the simple, yet often profoundly complex, issues that drive our basic need for shelter. There will be common themes on the modern experience of housing, with a strong emphasis on rustic and DIY design. The project will clearly have something for everyone: from Millennials, to Generation X, to Baby Boomers and beyond.

“We have two main goals for the year ahead, and the project,”, Nicole Whitney says. “One is to place our work into a larger context, and yield greater social impact. Second, is to give our customers, old and new, a more personal experience of who we are and what drives us.” This means visitors to Paloma Pottery will get to know the team over the course of the project through ongoing visual storytelling.

“We just feel ready to show up and change the world in a way we haven’t done yet. We’re excited to begin!”, exclaims the industrious entrepreneur and founder. Sign up to our emails at and start raising your own awareness to See Homes Everywhere!