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Veterans Day Sales and American Made Products

As we prepare to spend more time inside our homes and work spaces, we take time reflect on the past and move into the future. Luckily, Paloma Pottery offers a way to bring the glory of mother nature indoors, where we can revel in its beauty year-round. This is the picture of elegance in design.

American made products

To dream is to co-create. So we can only do our parts. We envision and plan and do the necessary leg work. Then we have to let go. Only open hands can welcome and receive. We wish to take a moment to remember those past and more recent veterans, open our hearts and minds to receive a new future. 

Paloma Pottery began in 2000, as a home based artisan workshop - transforming discarded glass and clay into awe-inspiring works of art. Situated on the Salish Sea of northwest Washington State, these American made products and designs are borne of the stunning beauty of the land and sea surrounding. A love for the environment and a drive to protect and honor it have always been guiding principles.

Thank you to all those who have supported and all those who continue to search for new innovative solutions to making a brighter future. Marked by time, we celebrate with 30% off our wall clocks. To redeem this special discount, use coupon code WALLCLOCK16 at checkout.