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Digging in the Dirt for an Enchanted Garden Path

How do we know when things are getting better? How do we define progress, or success? Is there a natural rhythm to the movement from one place of well-being to a new place of truly greater health?

Emily Dickinson said, "We never know how high we are." Maybe this is true. Maybe when we find ourselves exhausted from the climb, and we are suddenly surrounded by darkness and confusion… Maybe these are just clouds. Maybe we stand at the nearing of a high and glorious peak - and sometimes, harsh weather blows in...

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This does not have to mean all hope is lost. This does not mean we are lost. It means that as we ascend, there are times of glorious vistas, and there are times of doubt, cold rain or disorienting fog. There within, we may call out. We may see that others are climbing - all are climbing! On a neighboring mountain, on a hillside nearby, all in the same range. In their own way, and in their own time.

It must be that as we do reach higher, all aspects of our lives - of life in general - must be shed of disease and brought into higher alignment. We cannot carry the weight of old wounds to the top of our mountains. They will have been worthy and significant trailheads and switchbacks. Steps on the path only. Still, we climb. Symbolically we can remember this by creating guided paths through a home garden with vibrant stepping stones to illuminate the way.

We never know how high we are. May it be a valiant effort. May we encourage each other from our respective trails and peaks. May we calmly, courageously wait out any times of confusion, until the sun shines clear again, and we see just how high we truly are.