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Free Samples with Purchase, Vibrant Knobs and Pulls

With every order of cabinet knobs and pulls, we're here to provide help in finding the right color and style selection for your project. From our experience, if you've never seen a crackle glass pottery piece in person you'll be surprised to see its many faces with changing light to dark. There are subtle changes in texture, color and depth with shifts of light on the reflective surface of the knob face. A naturally bright room shows off the sparkling nature of the crackle glass. While a dimly lit space will mask many of the darker colors - leaving a reflective surface to bounce dark through the cracks. It's a little bit like choosing paint colors based on small color swatches. Not always easy to visualize the effects of larger scale. Here, the effects of light make a large difference.

knobs and pulls

For this reason, we encourage you to order samples of every color we offer that you feel will work in your project. Our way of offering free samples is to provide full refunds on knobs and pulls when purchased as samples. Simply let us know that you're purchasing samples in the comments section of checkout. With free shipping on first orders as well as any size knob and pull order, it's a no brainer.

To place your sample order:

  • Add one of each color you'd like to sample.
  • Checkout comments should include "samples" to earmark as fully refundable.
  • Once your order arrives and you've chosen the best color, place your full order.
  • The sample order cost will reduce your final order cost, refunding the full amount.
  • Alternatively, if none of the colors work for your project, simply return for a full refund.
  • Your free samples will only cost you the return postage when your finished with your color selection.

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