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Our Crushed Glass Jewelry and Home Accents are the Perfect Gift for that Wedding

If you've chosen to support the environment with recycling, composting, or full efficient cars, you understand the importance this earth has for us. If you're looking to display that support with beautiful and hand crafted items, browse Paloma Pottery online today.

‏Learning how to manage upswells of activity can be a lifelong practice. Maybe we are inclined to dive in and enjoy the ride, maybe we are ones who fret and shake our heads at the pace. No matter what our constitution or inclination, we do always have this choice. Whether we feel most at home in the frenzy or unnecessarily disturbed by it, all beings need rest. Everything that lives has a dormancy, or sleep or stillness.

‏These kinds of moments can be long and minute. Yet, I am humbled each time by the impact of the choice. If I stop now, and breathe in a full quiet minute, my whole day is changed. If I pause and allow three hours of stillness to what could have been a frantic (productive?) day, my whole system resets…

This summer, you'll be faced with numerous invitations for weddings and special get togethers. When trying to decide what to bring as a gift, consider our eco jewelry! At Paloma Pottery, we hand craft multiple products including ring holders, cuff links, jewelry dishes, and more. Bring the perfect wedding gift every time with our online boutique with handmade products from the beautiful pacific northwest.

eco jewelry

If you're wondering what to get the woman that already has everything, consider our vibrant glass jewelry. You'll find unique, sparkling rings, earrings, necklaces and more. All made in the USA with crushed melted glass that's been recycled. You'll find hand crafted items that are prepared especially for you. As we strive to reuse and recycle, your purchase will only better the environment. We have the hand crafted supplies you're looking for at the prices you want. Paloma's signature recycled glass pottery design brings all the sparkle of a rare treasure in a rage of styles and personalities. Elegant glass pendants for the classy and understated. Cute and funky Lapel Pins for the mother with a special love for cats, dogs or fish. Oval, oblong or square glass rings, in a dazzling array of colors, with a depth of shine that speaks to all. Anyone with an ecological consciousness will surely appreciate the admirable practices of this 14 year old artisan business.


Our eco jewelry holders and handmade pieces can add that element of design while promoting a great message at the same time. As each product is unique in itself, you'll be receiving a one of a kind item. Visit us anytime to pick up your earth friendly jewelry online! With free shipping offers and bulk discounts, these hand crafted jewels are perfect for weddings, engagements and party favors for him and her. 

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