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Eco Gift Packages Made in the USA with 100% Recycled Glass

We love Ancient Dragonfly’s Handmade Hostess Soap Spheres and have included them in our gift packages as an exclusive. Our Master Bathroom Soap Sphere Set includes a 6″ Round Hand Thrown Soap Platter with 3 Lime Bay Soap Spheres, a Rectangular Dragonfly Soap Dish with a Cedar Wood Bath Bar, plus an Adorable Dragonfly Ornament which works great to tie on the package...!

eco gift packages

These pieces make ideal eco gifts for all kinds of friends and family; a brother's graduation, a retreat with college friends, a sister's engagement party. So many occasions call for a quality gift on short notice - your company holiday party, a neighbor's holiday dinner party, your niece's post-performance celebration. Our team at Paloma understands the importance of graciousness in a pinch. Check out our online store for great gift ideas, featured specials, quantity discounts, free shipping options and custom made products.

‏I was remembering one of my favorite overheard conversations the other day. I was in a coffee shop and two men were sharing conversation. I appreciated seeing two men - maybe in their 30’s - connecting with one another in a deep way in a public place. One said to the other, “Here’s the thing about fear - when we feel it, we just want it to end. So, it can end by either facing and doing the thing we’re scared of or by avoiding the thing we’re scared of. In both cases, the fear goes away, but I’m sure the first one makes us stronger.”

‏I thought this was profound. Again, from my perspective as a woman who believes we all have something to gain from exchanging true intimacy on many levels, it seemed all the more powerful to witness men exploring and checking in about fear. So true. Fear tells us, ‘go, move from this place!’. Whether that is the place of hesitation before a necessary and health-enhancing experience - or - away from something that truly would not support. ‏Are there gifts in confusion? When we lose sight of our vision or things suddenly don’t make sense… might this be an opening of some kind?

‏The trick is knowing which. On the one end, will this make me stronger? On the other end, would I only be deeper in a rut and still subtly fearful of this thing that is somehow inevitable? Confusion differs from fear in that clarity is not yet available. Yes, fear can create confusion. But it is only a matter of time before confusion lifts, like a fog burned away by the sun. Confusion passes. In the clarity of the light, if we meet fear, let it also be a guide. Here’s to letting fear inform and to always choosing the one that lets us be stronger on the other side.

Speaking from the heart is always successful when you're looking to offer your appreciation or thanks to someone. If you are searching for that perfect present, consider Paloma Pottery. With our eco gifts, you'll be able to offer an environment friendly present that is custom and hand crafted. As each piece utilizes recycled materials, your something old is able to be turned into something new. Contact our online super store for more information.