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Courting Feelings and Alternatives to New Years Resolution

When we look at the long view of our lives, going back, we recognize that every year has its “feeling”. Some event, or some cluster of experiences, gives a very distinct emotional quality - or even, personality to that particular year. The silly year, when we felt free and discovered our playful side. The goth year, when all felt dark and we slumped around like a slug in the shadows.

What were your feeling or year personas? More intriguing to me today is the possibility of how much we can court a certain “feeling” and call it in to the year ahead. Of course, kids and adolescents will find more distinct life stages. Yet, as adults? Can we possibly look at where we’ve recently been - and decide what might actually work best from here?

There are so many things we look forward to, in growing up. We imagine great freedoms (hello, responsibility!) and the chance to BE whoever we want to be. Do we remember, now as adults, that we have arrived at this very freedom?

2018 has winded to a close. For me, this year’s conclusion is quiet, in an intentional planning kind of way. The personality of this year’s end is like a studious, wise yet brilliant strategist. She quietly plots her course, enlivened by dreams of a future to come. Will I see all of 2018 this way in the future?

For the New Year, we invite you to open your heart and mind to consider what you could call in. How will 2019 look for you - five years from now? Ten years from now? Who do you need to embody or embrace as we begin? Whatever spirit or feeling or persona you most need as an ally now, Paloma Pottery likely has the symbol to keep you focused, to stay there. All year long.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a 2019 filled with Joy & Love!

Here's a video my niece created of my family vacation in Mexico. I'm lucky to have a family that enjoys each other and to be able travel with them all! Nicole Whitney, Owner.