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Ceramic Serving Platters & Dinnerware You'll Love

Sharing a meal may be the oldest gesture of human companionship and trust there is. Few activities are so subtly yet profoundly significant than eating together. I think back to ancient hunter/gatherer days, and the origins of this practice. When your neighboring band invited you to share in the bounty of the hunt, it would have registered on a deep level in your system. You would have understood that these creatures wanted you to maintain and flourish on an undeniable level. No wonder our systems release oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, whenever we eat together.

Now, as we have evolved to be (mostly) peaceful and cooperative groups of humans all over this planet, sharing meals has been elevated to sheer art. Not only do we give this gesture of acceptance and wishes for each other’s enduring life, we can take this message to greater and greater heights. Most of us have someone in our lives who simply divines in cooking a meal for others. They are awash in warmth and graciousness and entirely in their element as they do it too. Do you know one of these folks?

Paloma Pottery has crafted just the gift for these souls who relish preparing a meal for others. From the ancient practice of firing clay, and now glass, they bring a stunning, modern masterpiece for these sacred meals together. Their Ceramic Serving Platters reflect what our ancestors must have felt at being given that crucial invitation...

The glory of the natural world has been artfully crafted and presented on a smooth surface. The Oblong Landscape Glaze features green of forests, blue of sky with the white of bone and shell to offset the boldness. These are great gifts for men or women. For those with a bit more showy artistry, the Chargers & Serving Platters, featuring crackle-glass rims, are sure to amaze and delight. Come, have a seat at the table.