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Animal Attraction and Meaningful Intuitive Guidance

I've been hearing a lot these days about the ways to draw something into your life… money, love, career success, etc. So many various philosophies!

Surely, redirecting our minds ever-towards what we want (as opposed to what we don't) starts the magnetism. We get more of what we pay attention to, indeed.

Some say it is more about feeling good. When we are vibrant and joyful, more seems to flow our way. I acknowledge the truth of this too.

Lately, I hear about how important it is to engage the body. Stand in the posture of the person who has achieved what you strive to achieve. Create a body wisdom where the desired circumstances will find resonance. Yes to that, too!

Another layer of this is the idea that we simply make choices that affirm our worth. When we communicate our belief in being worthy of receiving, even by just setting limits, this brings things to us in a powerful way. Of course this would be true.

Yet another speaks to reinforcing our connections. When we go forth into a new route in our lives, notice the familiar in that space and the animal attraction of intuition. When we need to bring something in to support our growth or success, we can easily send some attention to our existing connections, and this allows blessings to move toward us through a web of relations.

Some of this is dizzying, and then maybe, all are related like radial spokes on a wheel. To see it in our mind's eye, live in joy and gratitude, feel it in our body, reinforce our sense of worthiness and give energy to our loving connections… no step feels too far afield from the next.

What I can say in reviewing all of these is this: each one sounds like an aspect of a great life. Maybe the fun is in doing these for the sake of doing them, and then watching in curious wonder, to see what comes!